This May, we are celebrating the Month of the Ocean!

By virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 57, issued in 1999, we celebrate the month of May as the Month of the Ocean. The DA-BFAR reiterates its commitment to the sustainable use and management of ocean and coastal resources, which are vital life-support systems and economic assets where benefits should accrue to both present and future generations of Filipinos.

This year’s theme “Protect and Restore Ecosystem and Biodiversity” is deeply-rooted in the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) with the message, “The Science We Need for the Ocean We Want”. With this year’s celebration of the MOO, we aim to understand the effects of multiple stressors on ocean ecosystems and develop solutions to manage and restore ecosystems and the rich biological diversity found there under changing environmental and social conditions.