Administrative Circular No.
252-1Amended Rules and Regulations Governing distant-water fishing by Philippine-flagged fishing vessels operating in other coastal statesFeb 03, 2021
256Declaring Malachite Green and Gentian Violet as Health Hazards and Prohibiting their Use in Food Fish Production and Trade Feb 12, 2015
253Moratorium on the issuance of Commercial Fishing Vessel and Gear License and Other ClearancesOct 08, 2014
252Rules and Regulations Governing Distant-Water Fishing by Philippine-Flagged Fishing VesselsOct 08, 2014
251Traceability System for Fish and Fishery ProductsMay 16, 2014
248Size Regulation for Sea Cucumber Collection and TradeNov 25, 2013
247Amending FAO 31 s. 1952 on the conservation of the Ludong in Northern LuzonNov 25, 2013
238-1Amending several provisions of Fisheries Administrative Order No. 238, series of 2012Oct 10, 2013