The fabrication and distribution of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) boats support fisherfolk through the replacement of old dilapidated wooden boats or depending upon their needs. These boats are not only environment-friendly, as the use of plastic will reduce cutting of trees that serve as lumber for wooden boats, but are also more durable, sturdier, disaster-resilient and climate-proof (insinkable) thereby ensuring the safety of fishermen at sea.

To help uplift the economic status of the fisherfolk by educating them to become responsible resource users, the Bureau has coupled the provision of livelihood intervention with institutionalized capacity building and trainings on FRP construction through the cash for work scheme known as “Banca ko, gawa ko” and maintenance of FRP boats.

As of December 31 of this year, 846 fiberglass boats were already distributed to 839 individuals and 68 groups. The FB Pagbabago Program has also accomplished other activities such as the providing technical assistance to private sector at the BFAR-NMFDC, MCS Station and regional field offices.