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Policy Reviews/Studies Conducted

  1. FAO – Rules and Regulations on Coral Conservation, Protection, Propagation, and Farming
  2. National Fisheries Extension Program
  3. Formulation of Policy Regulation of traders and Middlemen in the Domestic Fish Distribution
  4. DA-DOH JAO for Veterinary Drugs
  5. DA Price Act Enforcement and Adjudication Board
  6. Proposed DA Admin Circular on the Imposition of Only 5% Surcharge on FLA Rentals to be Paid or Collected from March to June 2020
  7. Draft FAO on the Guidelines for the Establishment of Municipal Catch Documentation and Traceability System for LGU’s to Manage Fishery Resources
  8. Draft Rules and Regulations Governing the Port Access, Landing and Transshipment of Fish and Fishery Products for Foreign-Flagged Fishing Vessels in the Philippines
  9. Draft FAO on the Rules and Regulations on the Implementation of Vessel Monitoring Measures (VMM) and Electronic Reporting System (ERS) For Commercial Philippine Flagged Fishing Vessels Amending FAO 260 Series of 2018
  10. Upgrading of Technology Outreach Stations
  11. Urban Aquaculture
  12. Business Plan on Intensive Polyculture of Milkfish with Mudcrab
  13. Updating of the US-List of Foreign Fisheries of the Philippines
  14. Technical Working Group (TWG) Meeting Workshop in the Formulation of a Policy Regulation of Traders and Middlemen in the Domestic Fish Distribution Channel
  15. PCAF Mindanao B Roll-out Resolution no. 23 re: Recommending to DA through BFAR to intensify accreditation of Fishpond/Cages/Pens to ensure sustainable aquaculture production
  16. National Broodstock Development Program
  17. Harmonization and Accreditation, Certification and Registration in Aquafarms
  18. Initial Review of FAO 225 and its guidelines
  19. FOO for the TWG for the protection of Manila Bay
  20. FAO for the Non-compliance or Nutrients in Seaweed Farming
  21. FAO on Port State Measures Agreement
  22. FAO No. 257-1 “Fisheries Scholarship Program (FSP) Guidelines”
  23. Manual of the Mariculture Park, entitled “Field Guide on the Establishment, Operation and Management of Mariculture Park”
  24. Amendment of FAO 258 TCMZ
  25. Drafting of Proposed Chain Analysis Review and Updating of Shrimp
  26. Good Aquaculture Practice (GAqP)
  27. Fisheries Administrative Order No. 264, Series of 2020 regulating the Catching, Possession, Transporting, Selling, Trading and Exporting of Mangrove Crablets, Juvenile Mangrove Crabs and Gravid Mangrove Crabs (Scylla spp.).
  28. Establishment of Seaweed Nursery
  29. Amendment of Seaweed Nursery

Policies Submitted for Approval

  1. Allowing the transport of wild caught mangrove crablets and juvenile mangrove crablets (Scylla spp.) that are already in stock prior to the effectivity of Fisheries Administrative Circular No. 264, Series of 2020
  2. Implementing Guideline on the Establishment of Legislated Hatchery and Aquaculture Facilities
  3. Regulations and Implementing Guidelines on Purse Seine Operations in Mati-matihan (High Seas Adjacent to the Philippine Exclusive Economic Zone)
  4. Blue Swimming Crab National Management Plan