Fisheries General Memoradum Order No.DescriptionDate
2023-004Guidelines for issuing Health Certificates for Aquaculture-Produced Species2023, Dec 20
2023-003Guidelines on the Storage and use of Plug-In Facilities for Direct Trading of Imported Fishery Products intended for Wet Markets2023, Nov 24
2023-002Guidelines in the conduct of verification procedures to ensure that fish and fishery/aquatic products intended for the EU Market are free from Carbon Monoxide2023 October 19
2023-001Sanitary and Phytosanitary Import Clearance (SPSIC) Non-coverage 2023 May 16
2021-06Guidelines on the submission of Project Proposals for funding of Aquatic Wildlife Management Fund (AWMF) pursuant to FAO 233 series of 20102021, Dec 07
2021-005Administrative Guidelines & requirements on issuance of MOA for the utilization of aquatic wildlife resources for scientific research2021, April 28
2021-004Order Provisionally Suspending FGMO No. 0032021, April 08
2021-001Additional Requirements on Allowing Importation of Fresh/Chilled/Frozen P.Monodon and P. Vannamei2021, Jan 07
2021-002Amendment of FOO 2020-142 Guidelines on Selection of Beneficiaries for the Cash & Food Subsidy for Marginal Farmers and Fishefolk (CFSMFF)2021, Jan 18
2021-003Amendment of item 1, FGMO 2021-001 series of 20212021, Feb 03
2020-001Requirements for the Registration of Traders of Live Aquatic Animals for Export2020, Jan 29
2020-002Guidelines for Safe Handling of Shrimp Products2020, Aug 26
2020-003Implementing Guidelines on the Cooperative Managed Multi-Purpose Seaweeds Solar Dryer Facility under Stimulus Package (BAYANIHAN II)2020, Dec 09
2020-004Implementing guidelines on the Cooperative Managed Seaweed Nursery Business Enterprise under Stimulus Package2020, Nov 24
2018-001Declaration of landing BFAR 122018, Apr 10
2017-001Clarification of Applicability section 42 of FAO 197-1 Implementation of FLA applications & cases filed prior to the effectively of FAO 197-12017, Dec 08
2017-002IMO number or Lloyd's Register Number of all DWF Vessels registered with the WCPFC and or IOTC Measuring 24 meters in length or more2017, Dec 11
2017-005Guidelines on Issuance of Export Commodity Clearance ECC for Fish & Fishery Aquatic Products Shells & Shell Crafts2017, Jul 24
2012-001-CAmending FGMO 2012-001-A Pre & Post Border requirements in application of SPS Clearance for Importation of Fish Fishery Products & Lifting prohibition importation of Cherry Salmon et al2019, Jun 04
2012-001-AAmending Fisheries General Memorandum Order No. 001 Series of 2011 on the Pre and Post Border Requirements in the Application of SPS Clearance for Importation of Fish/Fishery Products from Japan.2012, Jan 16
2011-001Pre and Post Border Requirements in the Application of SPS Clearance for Importation of Fish/Fishery Products from Japan2011, Mar 29
2009-002Requirements for the Export of Live Aquatic Animals: Crustaceans, Fish and Invertebrates2009, Sep 08
2007-FRQD-2Guidelines for Accreditation of Importers of Fresh, Chilled and Frozen Fish & Fishery Aquatic Products2007
2000-001Guideline in fresh chilled frozen fish & fishery aquatic products for processing & applications2000, Sep 04