Contact Number(s)
Email Address
Office of the Director(+63)920-9761669;
Office of the Assistant Directors(+63)920-9462046;
Assistant Director for Administrative
Services (ADAS)
Assistant Director for Operations (ADO)8929-6484;
Capture Fisheries Division (CFD)(+63)920-9764179;
Finance Management Division (FMD)
Fisheries Industry Development and
Support Services Division (FIDSSD)
Fisheries Inspection and Quarantine
Division (FIQD)
Fisheries Planning and Economics
Division (FPED)
Fisheries Regulatory and Licensing Division (FRLD)(+63)
Fisheries Resources Management Division (FRMD)(+63)
Inland Fisheries Aquaculture Division (IFAD)(+63)998-5561836
Legal Division(+63)
Fisheries Post-Harvest Technology Division (PHTD)(+63)
National Fisheries Laboratory Division (NFLD)(+63)919-0941964
Accounting Section(+63)928-5548587
Adjudication Committee Secretariat and Support Staff(+63)
Human Resource Management Section (HRMS)8929-6484
Bids and Awards Committee (BAC)(+63)
Cashier Section(+63)
Commission on Audit (COA)(+63)918-9513238
Engineering Office(+63)947-9937147
Fisheries Information Management Section (FIMS)(+63)
Fisheries Inspection and Quarantine Division (FIQD) -Fisheries Certification Section (FCS)(+63)
Fisheries Protection and Law Enforcement Group (FPLEG)(+63)
Gender and Development Office (GAD)(+63)
General Services Section (GSS)(+63)
Information and Fisherfolk Coordination Unit (IFCU)(+63)
Integrated Fisheries Monitoring and Management System(+63)919-0020755
Internal Audit
Marine Fisheries Development- Multi-Mission Vessel
Operation Center
Medical Clinic(+63)908-8838776
National Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management Council (NFARMC)(+63)919-0098947
Office For Special Concerns (OSC)(+63)999-8806549
Property Section(+63)
Records Section(+63)
Anti-Red Tape Unit(+63)919-0943116
ISDA Savings & Loan Association Inc.- ISLAI(+63)
Office of the Undersecretary(+63)920-9094317
National Fisheries Laboratory Division (NFLD) Receiving Area(+63)