31 January 2024

The Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (DA-BFAR) assures the public that the retail prices of bangus and tilapia remain stable in the National Capital Region.
Per the latest price monitoring report of the DA-BFAR, which covers 10 major retail markets in Metro Manila, medium-sized bangus sourced from Bulacan and Pangasinan are priced at Php180 per kilo, while medium-sized tilapia sourced from Batangas and Pampanga costs Php120 per kilo. Two to three pieces of medium-sized bangus usually weigh one kilogram, and the same goes for tilapia.
The DA-BFAR did not observe a fluctuation in the prevailing retail prices of bangus and tilapia. The prices of these fisheries commodities have remained stable since the previous weeks due to sufficient supply from farms. Moreover, the farmgate prices of tilapia have decreased from Php90-Php93 last week to Php85-Php88 this week, while bangus farmgate prices were at Php130-Php 140 only this week.
While the general price situation of bangus and tilapia is stable, the Agency notes that minor price differences are possible due to several factors, including varying sizes of unloaded supplies in wet markets as well as the type of the market. Large-sized bangus, for example, commands a higher price of Php200-Php240 per kilo. In addition, secondary markets — which source their supply from primary markets — may sell fisheries products at marked-up prices.
Meanwhile, the DA-BFAR anticipates an increase in the supply of local-fresh galunggong in the markets as Palawan, a major source of galunggong in Luzon, ends its closed fishing season today, January 31.
Rest assured that price and supply monitoring efforts are continuously overseen by the DA-BFAR and other concerned agencies to ensure that fish commodities are affordable and sufficient for the consumers in Metro Manila..