Lieutenant Commander Joey Lito S. Marayag PN (GSC) of the JDDC discussed the overview of the doctrine fundamentals followed by the AFP while Ms. Roses P. Padua explained the overview of the AFP doctrine development process. On the side of DA-BFAR, Mr. Clint S. Dampor of the Fisheries Protection and Law Enforcement Group shared an overview of BFAR’s policies and standard operating procedures.
Representing the Bureau, Assistant Director for Administrative Services Atty. Demosthenes R. Escoto said that the small group discussion like the JDDC’s stakeholder engagement is a great avenue for an in-depth understanding of agencies’ protocols and policies.
This is the sixth JDDC’s stakeholder engagement which aims to reach out to other government agencies to attain a whole-of-government approach to creating doctrines and policies.