Closed Fishing Season | The three-month closed fishing season for sardines, herrings and mackerels in the Visayan Sea has been officially lifted yesterday, February 15, 2022.

Annually implemented from November 15 to February 15 the following year, the closed fishing season effectively prohibited the catching of sardines, herrings (Clupeidae) and mackerels (Scombridae) within the conservation area. With the strong cooperation of stakeholders, the policy is effectively enforced, by virtue of Fisheries Administrative Order No. 167-3, towards ensuring the protection and conservation of the said species in the Visayan Sea.

Through its Fisheries Protection and Law Enforcement Group (FPLEG), the DA-BFAR continues to harmonize its efforts in implementing Visayan Sea closed fishing season, involving different instrumentalities including municipal, provincial, and national law enforcement teams. To further strengthen the implementation of the policy, the Bureau has established various field stations and floating assets, as well as conducted land-based and seaborne patrol operations, market and landing denial operations, information, education and communication activities, portside boarding and inspection operations, and monitoring and surveillance operations through VIIRS. In the duration of the fishing ban, the Bureau has deployed a total of 13 floating assets, which include the DA-BFAR MCS Patrol Vessel No. 3010 and BRP Enrique Jurado, eleven (11) 30-footer patrol boats and 38 field personnel.