The Fishery Biological Station Complex (FBSC) is a 2.5 hectare research center of the BFAR in Butong, Taal, Batangas. Formerly a demonstration farm of the Batangas Provincial Agriculture Office, it was acquired by BFAR in 1986 primarily due to its proximity to the Pansipit River and Balayan Bay, an ideal site for research on commercially important finfishes of Taal Lake and Balayan Bay.

The FBSC has the following functions:

  • Undertake research studies on biology and culture of commercially important fishes like maliputo and other migratory species, invertebrates and seaweeds in coordination and / or collaboration with other divisions of BFAR;
  • Conduct studies on size composition, sex and gonadal maturity and feeding habits of commercially important finfishes;
  • Develop and improve the techniques of cultivating and propagating the various indigenous species found along Pansipit River, Taal Lake and Balayan Bay for culture;
  • Conduct laboratory and research activities for the development of freshwater, brackishwater and marine fish culture in coordination with the other BFAR centers and other institutions;
  • Conduct verification studies for indigenous species prior to their introduction / culture within the country;
  • Engage in fingerling production and dispersal of Tilapia nilotica and implement stocking programs for rivers, lakes and irrigation dams in coordination with other government agencies;
  • Conduct on-the-job trainings for foreign and local fisheries students, fishfarmers, technicians and extension workers on fisheries management and development;
  • Perform other functions as may be assigned by the BFAR Director.