Together with environmental groups, fisheries NGOs, and other stakeholders, the Bureau established a dedicated booth that featured informative and engaging materials highlighting its flagship projects.

Representatives from the Bureau also participated as resource speakers in a workshop entitled “Ocean Conservation and Sustainable Seafood,” attended by participants from the food and beverage sector, NGOs, academe, and the media. Ms. Kima Karla Cedo, the focal person for Fisheries Management Areas (FMAs), enlightened the audience on the crucial role that FMAs play in ocean conservation and sustainable sourcing of seafood. Additionally, Ms. Remia A. Appari, Regional Director of BFAR Region 6, discussed the sustainability initiatives implemented for the blue swimming crab.

DA-BFAR National Director Atty. Demosthenes R. Escoto expressed his unwavering support during the Manila Sustainability Media Event held in the evening. In his message, Director Escoto emphasized the Bureau’s commitment to fostering a thriving and environmentally responsible seafood industry. The media event provided a platform for Manila’s top hotels to showcase their sustainable seafood dishes, further promoting the Bureau’s vision.