BFAR National Director Atty. Demosthenes Escoto welcomed Maritime League’s President and Chairman VAdm Eduardo Ma Santos, Vice President VAdm Emilio Marayag, VAdm Edmund Tan, RAdm Margarito Sanchez and other participants.
During the forum, Ms. Kima Karla Cedo of BFAR Capture Fisheries Division, talked about the Fisheries Management Areas (FMA) and urged all stakeholders and fishery-dependent communities to actively participate in the management of FMAs to support the implementation of effective management measures.
Meanwhile, Mr. Ferdinand Tividad presented the National Lambaklad Project which intends to improve the productivity of small-scale fisherfolk to contribute to fish supply to the local communities.
Ms. Blanca Joy Bustamante, President of IntelleVsion Events Philippines, shared the BEACON 2023: The Maritime League Expo to be held on September 6-8, 2023, which aims to promote and highlight the sustainability and security of the maritime industry in the country.
Before concluding the forum, the Philippine Navy was announced as the next host of the Maritime Forum scheduled on May 30, 2023.