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IBT Calls for nominations for 5 Seats on the BFAR Provident Fund Board of TrusteesUpdated!
Consistent with the BFAR Provident Fund Ground Rules and Procedure for the Election of the Members of the Board of Trustees (BOT), the Interim Board of Trustees (IBT) calls fr nominations for five (5) seats on the (BOT). The IBT Secretariat will start receiving nominations on April 10, 2012. Since the nomination period falls on April 14, 2012 which is a Saturday, it is extended to the first following business day or until April 16, 2012 in accordance with the Election Ground Rules and Procedures.

An employee may nominate his candidate using the email address he provided in the Application for Membership Form he submitted. Interested candidates will be required to download and fill-out an electronic nomination form (e-form) from the BFAR website and answer the nominee questionnaires found therein. A candidate is expected to complete the questionnaires. Failure to do this within the set deadlines may rule him out of the selection process. The candidate must sign the certification of his willingness to serve in the Board found on the last page of the form. All duly accomplished nomination forms must be scanned and submitted to provident_ fund@bfar.da.gov.ph Candidates who fail to follow these instrunctions will not be considered. Moreover, candidates may need to travel once for a scheduled interview in case the Nomination Committee decides to conduct face-to-face interviews.

Incidentally, the nomination form will also serve as the candidate's biography to be published on the BFAR website to aid in the candidate's campaign and the voters in selecting their candidates.

Timetable for the Election of Members of the Provident Fund Board of Trustees
April 2 (Monday) -     Call for Nomination
April 10 (Tuesday) - Receiving of Nominations
April 14 (Saturday) - Closing Date for Nominations
April 16 (Monday) - Closing Date for Withdrawal of Candidacy
April 17 (Tuesday) - Announcing of List of Candidates
- Start of Campaign
April 20 (Friday) - Election
April 25 (Wednesday) - Announcement of Election Results

All phases will conclude at 5:00 p.m. on the date specified. The nomination and election procedures are available on the BFAR website.

For those who have not yet submitted their Application Form for Membership in the BFAR Provident Fund, the Secretariat, IBT will continue accepting applications until March 30, 2012.

For more information, and updates please send an email to provident_fund@bfar.da.gov.ph


New Director to Fast Track Creation of BFAR Provident Fund (click to read article)

With the issuance of DBM Circular No. 2001-5 dated December 6, 2011, providing a ceiling for the amount of Collective Negotiation Agreement (CAN) Incentive, the new BFAR Director, Atty. Asis G. Perez vented his desire to address the concerns, and improve the economic condition of BFAR employees through the organization of the BFAR Provident Fund.

As a savings scheme consisting of monetary contribution from both the employees and the agency/employer, the Fund will serve as a loan facility and provider of supplementary welfare benefits to its members such as loans and credits for income-generating projects or livelihood activities, dividends from earnings and investment of the Fund, and refund of shares upon separation from the service. Having this in mind and by virtue of E.O. No. 641 dated July 25, 2007, authorizing the establishment of a Provident Fund in each government agency; and pursuant to FOO No. 322 dated August 14, 2009 creating the BFAR Provident Fund in relation to FOO No. 14 dated January 12, 2012, mandating the Organization of BFAR Provident Fund, the new BFAR Director instructed the concerned officials to launch the necessary activities towards the immediate completion of its organization.

 For the above purpose, the following officers and members of the Interim Board of Trustees (IBT) have been designated in accordance with DBM Budget Circular No. 2008 – 3 dated June 20, 2008 until such time the regular members of the Board of Trustees have been duly qualified and elected:

BOT Chairperson Atty. Benjamin F.S. Tabios Jr.
BOT Vice – Chair & CEO Ms. Mildred Mercene – Buazon
BOT Member & Secretary Dr. Jonathan O. Dickson
BOT Member & Assistant Secretary  Ms. Carmencita D. Tocino
BOT Member & Treasurer Ms. Felisa L. Poniente
BOT Member & Legal Counsel Atty. Roberto M. Buazon or
  Atty. Demosthenes R. Escoto
BOT Member & Auditor Ms. Nila M. Medrano
Secretariat Ms. Wilhelmina Pearl C. Guliman
  Ms. Rica C. Alesna

Five (5) more member seats in the Board of Trustees (BOT) remain vacant and need to filled – up. Thus, a Nomination Committee (NomCom), which also functions as the Election Committee will be formed and shall call for nomination for the vacant seats at least ten (10) days before scheduled election on the #rd week of April 2012. Those interested will be required to fill – out an online nomination form and answer the nominee questionnaire found therein. The form will also serve as the candidate’s biography to be published on BFAR website to aid in the candidate’s campaign and the voter’s selection of their candidates.

The election will be conducted through secret voting and the results shall be certified to the IBT within five (5) days following such election. The vote counts of the elected candidate Trustees and the total vote count shall likewise be published.

BFAR Provident Fund is open to all employees, whether permanent, casual or contractual. Simply accomplish the Application Form Membership and submit the same to the Secretariat, BFAR Provident Fund on or before March 30, 2012.

For more information and inquiries, please send an email to provident_fund@bfar.da.gov.ph

Downloadable Forms
bullet Application for Membership Form
bullet Memorandum
bullet Nomination Form for Provident Fund Board of Trustees


Important Reminders:
Only the bonafide registered members of the BFAR Provident Fund can participate in the Nomination and Election Proceedings.
To register, fillout the Application for Membership Form and submit it to the Provident Fund Secretariat thru walk-in, fax, or email to provident_fund@bfar.da.gov.ph


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