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HACCP-Based Fish Inspection Unit


  • Inspects, monitors, and verifies fishery and aquaculture establishments to ensure fishery and aquaculture product quality and safety in compliance with the existing relevant national and international food safety legislations and regulations
  • Formulates standard protocols/procedures on HACCP-based food safety program.
  • Verifies compliance of outgoing products with labelling requirements of importing countries thru pre-shipment inspection prior to the issuance of HC.
  • Implements sampling program to verify the safety of the product at all stages in the production chain based on risk analysis and established sampling plan.
  • Recommends sanction (e.g., non-issuance of HC, suspension, delisting) on accredited fish processing establishments not complying with the national and importing country’s regulations to BFAR management;
  • Evaluates/ review HACCP, GMP and SSOP programs of the fishery and aquaculture establishments prior to on-site validation of these programs, through the National HACCP Desk Evaluation Team (NHET) and the Regional HACCP Evaluation Team
  • Provides formal and practical training to inspectors for capability building of inspectional skills and competency
  • Endorses to ASPCU or designated Regional Certifying Officers the compliant fishery and aquaculture establishments for the issuance of Health Certificate and HACCP certificate based on the result of the plant inspection
  • Coordinates with other relevant units (i.e., HFIU, FPTL, FHL, MBTU, FRQD and Regional Offices) concerned with the food safety and quality assurance.
  • Provides technical assistance and advisory services on HACCP-based inspection and accreditation systems, requirements of processing establishments, international regulations, and standards for product quality and safety assurance.

US, BFAR FAO and other regulation relevant to food safety

leg RA 8550
leg PD 856 Code of Sanitation of the Philippines
RA 7394 Consumers Act of the Philippines
FAO 117 s.1975
FAO 117-7 s. 1975
FAO 209 s. 2001
FAO 210 s. 2001
FAO 211 s. 2001
FAO 212 s. 2001
FAO 213 s. 2001
FAO 214 s. 2001
FAO 220 s. 2001
FAO 227 s. 2008
FAO 228 s. 2008
For export regulation are the following:
Title 21 CFR 110 current GMP
Title 21 CFR 113 Low Acid Canned Foods
Title 21 CFR 114 Acidified Foods
Title 21 CFR 123 US Seafood HACCP Regulation




Organizational Chart


Contact Us:

Mr. Dennis E. Tiotangco
Head, Fish Inspection Unit
Tel./Fax No. +63 (02)411.6015
E-mail address: dtiotangco@bfar.da.gov.ph;
Bureau of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources


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