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Administrative Support and Product Certification Unit | Fish Processing Section | Product Testing Laboratory Section


Fisheries Aquatic Product Utilization Services Section


  • Promotion of value-added product
  • Establish/prepare guidelines and code of practice for fish, shellfish and seaweed product
  • Render technical assistance on fish and fishery products, then trainings and demonstration
  • Render advisory services on fish processing and related subjects.


  • Technical assistance through lectures and demostration on fish & fishery products
  • Advisory services on fish processing techniques


Development of Value-Added Products

The manufacture of value-added products from seafood plays a vital role in the development of fishery industry. It also contributes to the national efforts to meet the nutritional target of protein requirements especially in land locked areas.

Value-added products are food items presented in attractive and appetizing forms by incorporating various ingredients and coating them in batter and breadcrumbs before cooking.

production of surimi-shrimp value-added products
Surimi-Shrimp Value Added Products


Production of Value Added Products


Processing of Seaweed

Seaweeds or marine macroalgae, play an important role in both marine ecology and human consumption. There are many species with seaweeds found in the Phlippine waters owing to its warm and shallow areas and are example with these is euchema (gozo). some of the products that can be prepared from euchema are seaweed pickle, seaweed cracker and seaweed noodle.

Drying of Seaweed


Products from Seaweed

seaweed noodles
seaweed pickle
seaweed cracker





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