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Administrative Support and Product Certification Unit (ASPCU)


  • Manages the communications, documents, records keeping and certification of fishery and aquaculture products related to the implementation of GATT – WTO agreement on SPS measures on the trade of fishery and aquatic products.
  • Implements international agreements on the certification of fishery and aquatic products.
  • Issues fishery products quality and sanitary/health certificates and other related certifications as required by the importing country
  • Coordinates with the regulatory authorities of the importing countries on matters pertaining to fish product quality and safety assurance.
  • Coordinates with other agencies on matters related to fishery products export, records and export product information, for audit and policy making purposes.
  • Coordinates with the relevant units of BFAR and its regional offices on the management of the fish product safety, quality assurance and certification in their respective areas of jurisdiction.
  • Conducts regular audit of the regional records – keeping, documentation and certification systems for fishery and aquatic products.
  • Organizes / conducts and documents training programmes for fishery industry personnel concerned with product safety and quality assurance.
  • Provide technical assistance on matters related to fish product safety and quality assurance.


Organizational Chart


Contact Us:

Ms. Consuelo C. Baltazar
Head, Administrative Support and Product Certification Unit (ASPCU)
Tel./Fax No. +63 (02)454.1083
3rd Floor Annex Bldg.
Philippine Coconut Authority
Elliptical Road, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines
E-mail Add: cbaltazar@bfar.da.gov.ph

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