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Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture Services | Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture Division



The inland fisheries and aquatic services are provisded by Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture Division (IFAD).


  • Provides technical assistance and advisory services on aquaculture and inland water management.
  • Engaging the establishment for fish hatcheries and pilot demonstration farms.
  • Giving particular guidelines for the Code of Practice for Aquaculture.
  • Supplies provision of standards , monitoring and coordination of aquaculture activities with different organizations such as NACA.
  • Evaluates inland services of lakes, rivers, marshes and reservoir for development and management.
  • Extension services of freshwater aquaculture

1. Outreach and Technical Assistance on Freshwater clients/Private sector

Tilapia culture in pond/pen/cage/tank
Ulang culture in pond
Carp culture pond/cage
Catfish/Mudfish culture in pond
Aquarium fish

2. Fishpond Construction and Management

3. Tilapia Hatchery Operation

  • Extension services of brackishwater aquaculture

1. Outreach and Technical Assistance on Brackishwater clients/Private sector

Milkfish culture in pond
Mudcrab culture in pond
Prawn/shrimp culture in pond
Snapper culture
Grouper culture

2. Fishpond Construction and Management

3. Milkfish Hatchery Operation


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