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Another livelihood income generating project is the promotion of ornamental fish production as backyard livelihood activities to fisherfolk.
Breeding of freshwater aquarium fishes in a backyard or indoor type holding facilities (e.g. concrete tanks, earthen ponds and aquarias) for propagation of tropical freshwater ornamental fishes.
Initially, a pilot demo farm along with recipient beneficiaries shall be identified per region to serve as show window to fisherfolk who will be interested to venture in the industry.

Prospective areas are those of inland communities with sufficient ground water and power supply, access to barangay roads and available local market outlets (such as pet shops and aquarists).
Initial ornamental fish breeders shall be provided by the BFAR National Aquaculture Centers free of charge to qualified beneficiaries to start with the livelihood project.
Training and seminars shall be conducted in the National Aquaculture Centers of BFAR and ROS to equipped the recipient of the breeding and production technology.

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