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Sanitary and Phytosanitary Legal Issuances
          Republic Act No.
An Act to Regulate and Control the Manufacture, Importation, Labelling, Advertising and Sale of Livestock and Poultry Feeds Act
16 Jun 56
The Consumer Act of the Philippines
13 Apr 92
The Philippine Fisheries Code of 1998 An Act of Providing for the Development, Management, and conservation of the Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Integrating all Laws pertinent thereto, and for other purpses. Section 67.1 of RA 8550 states the safety and quality standards on aquatic organisms and fishery products for domestic consumption and international trade, consistent with international trade agreements.
25 Feb 98
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Act of 2009
18 Aug 09
          Presedential Decree No.
Code on Sanitation of the Philippines
23 Dec 75
          DA Administrative Order No.
Implementation of the National Veterinary Drug Residues Control Program and Creation of the Inter-Agency Committee
18 Sep 06
Implementing Guidelines on the National Veterinary Drug Residues Control Program in Foods Pursuant to Administrative Order No. 14, Series of 2006
3 Nov 09
DA AO No.8 s. 2009, as amended. Annex A BFAR SPS Import Clearance
          Fisheries Administrative Order No.
Rules and Regulations Governing the Operation of Processing Plants for Fish and Fishery/Aquatic Products and prescribing/requiring Standards, Quality Control and Inspection or Processed Fish and Fishery/Aquatic P oducts
28 Jul 75
Amending Sections 3, 4 and 5 of Fisheries Administrative Order No. 117, s. 1975
18 Oct 94
Rules and Regulations Governing Importation of Fish and Fishery/Aquatic Products
23 Dec 81
Permits/Commodity Clearance for the Exportation of Fish and Fishery/Aquatic Products
8 Dec 83
Rules and Regulations Governing Importation of Fresh/Chilled/Frozen and Fishery Aquatic Products
20 Sep 99
Ammendment of Section 9, FAO No. 195
6 Mar 03
Rules and Regulations on Commercial Fishing
23 Feb 00
Guidelines on Fish Transhipment
23 Feb 00
Guideline on the Production, Harvesting, Handling and Transportation of Shellfish for Implementation of the Local Government.
17 May 01
Rules and Regulations on the Exportation of Fresh, Chilled and Frozen Fish and Fishery/Aquatic Products
17 May 01
Requirements for Pre-processing and Processing Plants, the SSOP thereof and the Processing and Quality Requirements for Shellfish
17 May 01
Guidelines on the Implementation of HACCP System
17 May 01
Establishment and Maintenance of BFAR's Quality Control Laboratories and Collection of Fees and Charges for Examination Services
17 May 01
Code of Practice for Aquaculture
27 Sep 01
BFAR Fish Health Laboratories and Collection of Fees and Charges thereof
4 Dec 01
Amendment to the Section 11 of the FAO 220
22 Jun 04
Further Regulating the Importation of Live Fish and Fishery/Aquatic Products under FAO No. 135 s. 1981 to include Microorganisms and Biomolecules
6 Mar 03
Rules and Regulations Governing the Export of Fish and Aquatic Products to European Union member Countries
20 Nov 08
Rules Governing the Organization and Implementation of Official Controls on Fishery and Aquatic Products Intended for Export to the UE Market for Human Consumption
20 Nov 08
Accreditation of Marine Biotoxin Testing Centers
28 Apr 10
Safety and Quality Control Standards for PSP
28 Apr 10
         Fisheries General Memorandum Order No.
Pre and Post Border Requirements in the application of SPS Clearance for the Implortation of Fish/Fishery Products from Japan
8 Sep 09
Requirements for the Export of Live Aquatic Animals; Crustaceans, Fish and Invertebrates
29 Mar 11
Continued Implementation of the Commission Decision 2003/858/EC by the Fish Health Officers
24 Sep 04
Implementation of Memeorandum Circular on Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary Requirements for Exportation of Aquaculture Products for Safety and Quality Assurance
9 Feb 05
         Fisheries Office Order No.
On-Farm Residue Monitoring
28 Aug 03
Creation on Fishery Inspection and Quality Assurance Service: Residue Monitoring and Surveillance
19 Jul 05
Creation of the Fish Inspection and Quality Assurance Service (FIQAS)
18 Jul 05
Powers and Functions of Regulatory Officers (Fish Inspectors, Fish Helath Officers, Fisheries Quarantine Officers and Certifying Officers) for the Safety and Quality Assurance of Fishery and Aquaculture Products Intended for Human Consumption
          Special Order No.
Requirement for Certification of Analyses (COAs) for Chloramphenicol and Nitrofurans of All Raw Materials for Aquatic Feed Production
5 Jun 04
          Memorandum Circular No.
Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary Requirements for Exportation of Aquaculture Products for Food Safety and Quality Assurance.
9 Feb 05
        DOH and DA Administrative Order No.
Declaring a Ban/Phase-Out of the Use of Nitrofurans in Food
17 Aug 00
Banning and Withdrawal of Olaquindox and Carbadox from the Market
11 Jan 00
DA AO 3 & DOH AO 118
Rules and Regulations ont he Process of Review and Evaluation of Questioned Veterinary Drugs or Veterinary Drug Combinations
3 Mar 92
DA AO 60 & DOH AO 91
Declaring a Ban on the Use of Chloramphenicol in Food Producing Animals
30 Apr 90
DOH AO 111-A & DA AO 33 Rules and Regualtions on Registration of Veterinary Drugs and Products
7 Oct 91
         DOH Administrative Order No.
Regulatory Guidelines Concerning Food Additives
Revised Guidelines on Current Good Manufacturing Practice in Manufacturing, Packing, Repacking, or Holding Food
7 May 04
Philippines National Standards for Drinking Water 2007
9 Mar 07
         BAI Administrative Order No.
Rules and Regulations Governing the Manufacture, Importation, Labelling, Advertising, Distribution and Sale of Livestock and Poultry Feeds and Feeding Stuffs
23 Sep 75
Minimum Requirements for Determining/Evaluating the Efficacy and Safety of Vetrinary Drugs to Target Animals
12 Oct 93
Guidelines Governing the Conduct of Clinical Trials of Veterinary Drugs and Protocols
31 Jan 94
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